About Boris Tsibelman

Boris Tsibelman is the founder of Axis Consulting. When he was just 14 years old, Boris struck up what would become a life-long love affair with technology after starting his very first business. Right away, his passion for entrepreneurship fostered a taste for finding, developing, and learning how best to leverage tech to drive growth in his own business. Boris’ hands-on-experience with application technology, including building apps like “Daddy Force” to help him chart and track his children’s growth, shows that he doesn’t just work as a tech consultant–he truly loves what he does. And he enjoys helping organizations get the most out of every tool they use by providing cost-effective consultancy and implementation services. As the CEO & Founder of Axis Consulting, he spearheads our team to deliver exceptional CRM & Web Development services. Learn more about Boris on LinkedIn Or Trailblazer
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